Our volunteers rock!  Creativity is flowing at Brightwood CC.  Please call me if you want to see the program, are interested in volunteering or would like to explore how you can use your hands and hearts to help others.  We will gladly schedule a visit  - (317) 546-8200.  

Volunteer Highlights


By Confidence Korrie, SPARK Junior Editor

Stephen Moore is on of our awesome volunteers.  He tutors in the after-school program, teaches our young men in the summer program and supports Brightwood in many other ways.  Stephen has been a longtime supporter of BCC. "I've volunteered with Brightwood for 18 years, I like working with the youth helping them become good students and responsible citizens." Stephen stated that his strengths in tutoring are being patient and always giving positive praise fora student's hard work.  If he could go back in time and do something different he would become a teacher. 

When asked about the No Child Left Behind Act, Mr. Moore said " I highly support the act because all children should have the right to all things that help them succeed"

If he was president Mr. Moore said that he would put computers in all the classrooms and make the student to teacher ratio a lot smaller. We asked Mr. Moore why he chose to serve at Brightwood CC; he stated 'Because I grew up on the east-side of Indy and use to play at the Brightwood Community Center as a youth. I believe in giving back to the community anyway that I can."

Our volunteers reflect Christ's spirit of service, teaching, love, patience and joy.  The work is incredibly rewarding.  If you are between jobs, it’s a great way to stay sharp, learn new skills and meet lots of new people who can help you obtain a job. If you are in college and required to obtain service learning hours or complete an internship, we are already approved by many local colleges.

**We need volunteers for: After School Tutoring Program; hot meals for kids, field trip chaperones (Children's Museum) and summer camp projects. Thank you!